Donald Trump: making America great again, or dividing a nation?



Three flag poles in front of the University of Denver – United States, Canada, and Colorado; with a storm glooming in the distance. April, 2016. (Photo: Matt Holden)

In January, CNN Politics ran an article where they talked to over 150 Trump supporters in 31 cities to find out their reasons for voting Trump.  Young and old voters alike boasted their love for Trump, many of them referring to themselves as “the silent majority” in the upcoming election. The majority of this “silent majority” seemed to support Trump for all the same reasons; they agree with his policies on immigration, foreign affairs, and his distrust of Barack Obama.  They see his success in business as a sign that he will successfully bring our country out of a recession, and make America great again.

Another large turn-on, or turn-off (depending on who you are) is Trump’s disregard for a filter.  The guy says what he wants, and often what he says is not politically correct.  The American population seems to either love him for his bluntness, or absolutely despise him for it.  Trump’s Twitter account is a great place to view his nontraditional rhetoric; where he calls his opponents names like “Lyin’ Ted”, “Crooked Hilary”, and even “1 for 38 Kasich” (referring to his 1 win and 38 losses).

It’s obvious that Donald Trump’s run for President has been highly controversial among the American public, but with Trump as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, I decided it’s time to ask some of my fellow college students what they think about Donald Trump.


“I truly believe Donald Trump will make America great again, it’s time for a change in the way we do things around here.”  Eddie Purtell, Junior, Finance – April, 2016. Redford’s Tavern, University of Denver. (Photo: Matt Holden)

I asked a third year student at the University of Denver named Eddie Purtell if he thinks Trump actually believes everything that he has being saying, and whether he thinks Trump is more moderate or more conservative than he depicts himself to be; Eddie responded by saying:

“Obviously Trump believes everything he says.  People just have a hard time believing the things he says because we have become so politically correct, and he is not afraid to speak his mind.  Trump is more conservative than he depicts himself to be.  Since he is a successful business man I think has a conservative mind-set, he knows hard work equals success.”

I feel I must note that the Huffington Post uploaded an article in their business section where they state the main reason Trump won’t be president is because he has no experience in politics.  The article quotes Gautam Mukunda, a professor at the Harvard Business School, on his explanation for why Trump should not be president based on his merit in business: “Even when you move from one company to another, you may not be successful. When you move from a company to the government, that’s a larger leap.”


“Donald Trump is what this country needs in order to get back on it’s feet and become respected by the rest of the world again.”  William Horstmann, Sophomore, Accounting – April, 2016. Redford’s Tavern, University of Denver. (Photo: Matt Holden)

While talking with Eddie in Redford’s Tavern, I decided to interview the person he was with (second year student at the University of Denver, William Horstmann) to see where he stood on the topic of Trump.

I started by asking what he thinks America will look like if Trump were to be elected, to which he responded:

“We will become far superior to any other nation, we will be richer, stronger, and greater.  We will have no more trade deficits.  All of our outside threats will be eliminated.  We probably won’t get the wall, but it will definitely be harder for people to get into the United States.”

The next day I stood at the University of Denver cross walk on Evans Ave, where I found second year student Brett Sweeney, and was able to ask him about his views on Trump.


“I’m going to be honest, Donald Trump scares the Hell out of me, it’s going to be a bad day in America if he becomes President.”  Brett Sweeney, Sophomore, Marketing – April, 2016. Evan’s cross walk, University of Denver. (Photo: Matt Holden)

I started by asking him what he thought our foreign policy would look like under Trump, as well as immigration, to which he responded:

“I see our foreign policy changing.  I do not see it changing as drastically as Trump wants it to though.  Other countries will not respect our country as much and this might cause some relationships to turn negative.  In regards to immigration, there will be no wall across the US/Mexico border.  Immigration policies will try to be changed by Trump, but it will not succeed.”



One thought on “Donald Trump: making America great again, or dividing a nation?

  1. My own personal opinion aside, Trump is quite possible the most divisive presidential candidate to ever run for office. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. His supporters adore him as intensely as his protesters fight against him. While Trump seems to have enough momentum to get the GOP nomination at this point, the real question is now whether or not he can convince the majority of voters to support him in the general election this November. I never thought Trump would have gotten this far but I think the most admirable thing about him is that he knows what his supporters want.


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