Beta Theta Pi beats Sigma Chi in game of 4v4 volleyball


Sigma Chi plays Beta Theta Pi in intramural volleyball game [photo by Shea Geary]

At 7:15 p.m. on May 4, 2016 at the University of Denver Hamilton Gymnasium Beta Theta Pi fraternity played Sigma Chi fraternity in an intramural game of 4v4 volleyball. Beta swept Sigma Chi in the first game of two while Sigma Chi was down a player. Though Sigma Chi came back with four players in the second game they lost once again, resulting in the end of the match.

The early minutes of the first game were spent with second year student, Brayton Briggs on the sidelines due to his failure to pay the intramural game fee. Beta had an advantage for nearly the entire first game with an extra man on the court. First year student TJ Rempfer couldn’t arrive soon enough to fill in as the fourth player for the first game, scoring Sigmi Chi’s fifth point making the score 10-5.

Sigma Chi came back with Jack McCready scoring against Beta for their eighth and final point of the game but still lost 21-8 just minutes later.

Reflecting on the game, team captain Briggs said, “Jack really stood out and took the leadership role while I was dealing with paying my fee and we had to play a man down.”

In game two the odds were even once again. With Rempfer and Briggs teaming up in the second game they were able to come back scoring on Beta first. Sigma Chi team member Wiley Brost set the ball to Kane Spillar who slapped the ball over the net for their second point against Beta in game two. The teams went back and forth scoring on each other, with Beta’s Hunter Dunlap scoring six of Beta’s major points and Brost making multiple dives in an attempt to block their shots.

Things were looking like they were in Sigma Chi’s favor with the score being 16-15 until multiple mistakes and poor communication led them to fall back once again. Lack of planning and discussion before the game played a big part in leading the team to their loss.

Briggs recognized this amateur mistake, “in the first game we played a little poorly but we didn’t talk things out as much before the first game as we did the second,” said Briggs.

While Beta nearly lost the second game with the score coming close and being down a point for mere minutes, they came back and took Sigma Chi 17-21. Though this was a tough loss for Sigma Chi they are keeping their spirits up and have recognized their mistakes.

“We played really well once we got it together and communicated, especially in the second game even if we made some mistakes,” said Brost.

After losing to Beta in two games Sigma Chi played Kappa Sigma the second match of the night and were able to make a comeback. The determined Sigma Chi team won the first and third games of the match. This win will help them to come back from their loss to Beta as they hope to advance through the season.


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