Illenium hits the stage at Denver’s Gothic Theatre



Illenium preforming his set with the beams of colored lights and lasers at the Gothic Theatre [Photo by: Palmer McGraw]

Denver, C.O.– The fraternity Sigma Chi from the University of Denver hosted a concert Saturday, April 31, 2016 at the Gothic Theatre located on 3263 S. Broadway.

The headline performer, Nick Miller, otherwise known as Illenium, is a Denver-based music producer who remixes various electronic and dance music songs. Additionally, the show’s opener was Trevor Christensen, another Denver-based music producer with a similar style to Illenium. Christensen markets his music under the name “Said the Sky” and is currently touring with Miller.

The theme of the event was “Bright and Tight”, and it was open to all DU students. Upon entering the venue, the sea of vibrant, bright colors immediately overwhelmed me. I watched as the cheerful and excited audience members forcibly tried to make their way to the front of the stage, desiring a closer look at the talented DJ. Illenium stood at the center of the stage surrounded by fancy DJ equipment and a MacBook laptop. Behind him was a huge screen that synched his creations to changing laser beam colors and designs. The visuals had the appeal of an elaborate and complex screen saver, and the audience was transfixed. The mix between the music and the visual display created a sensational experience that was not only visually appealing but also tantalizing.

Michael Gooch, a senior at the University of Denver, had not heard of Illenium or Said the Sky prior to the concert. Gooch was obviously enjoying himself, for he had a big smile on his face and a T-shirt drenched in sweat from dancing.

Gooch stated, “ I really like Illenium’s songs. They are so unique and captivating! I am so surprised I have never heard of him before, but I’m definitely going to download “Fortress (Ft. Joni Fatora)” and “Don’t Let Me Down” when I get home.”

As the music progressed the crowd became more and more roused and mesmerized by the captivating music; however, several students took breaks from the show to get drinks from the bars. The Gothic Theater has two bars: one upstairs and another downstairs. The ground floor was standing room only, and the majority of the audience stood throughout the performance. The upstairs balcony offered some seats for attendees to use if they wanted to rest their tired legs. As I peered down from the top floor, I saw a sea of bright LED phone screens held up by eager audience members hoping to document their night and the unique performance.

The theatre, which has a capacity of just over 1,000 people, was crammed like a full Subway car during June’s sweltering heat in New York City. Denver was experiencing one of its freak spring snowstorms, so upon entering the theater from the winter scene outside, an audience member was met with a humid wall of Pabst Blue Ribbon scented air slightly tinged with body odor. When looking down from the balcony above, concertgoers moved like a human Tetris game, building toward Illenium.

Miller was dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt and wore a black flat-rimmed hat backwards. He began his set at 11:30 p.m., following Said the Sky’s performance. Miller created a trance-like ambiance via colored laser lights that danced from the stage into the crowd.

Illenium and Said the Sky are continuing their tour throughout the U.S. and will be back in Colorado on September 24, 2016 to preform at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Overall, I would recommend Illenium. If you missed the performance at the Gothic, definitely see Miller at Red Rocks in September. His melodic compositions and complex light show against the backdrop of the bold, red stones and natural environment can only work magic on concertgoers this fall.



One thought on “Illenium hits the stage at Denver’s Gothic Theatre

  1. Oh man I went to this and it was so much fun. Awesome energy, everyone was dancing and having a good time. I remember wanting to Shazam some of the remixes/songs but not being able to because Shazam wouldn’t be able to pickup the song let alone a remixed version because it was so loud. I spent most of the night on the second floor because it was a bit more laid back. Back to the article though, I love how you worded it, you described the crowd and the atmosphere perfectly. Great job! 🙂


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