Rhinoceropolis: A Venue for All Artists


In the run down district of Rhino, tucked behind a non-descript door at 3553 Brighton Boulevard, hides the vibrant world of Rhinoceropolis. A venue that recruits all types of art, Rhino hosts anything from hip hop, electronic, punk, and many more subgenres. Their concerts provide young artists an opportunity and a platform. On Friday, April 29th Rhinoceropolis hosted “Fullon Compadres” a local skate team, as well as other artists, in an art/skate show displaying local artists as well as skateboarders.

Friday night, the venue was brightly lit showing the vibrant wall to wall mural painted by two local artists. The crowd is always diverse and Friday did not differ, with a varying collection of friendly people to chat with.

The first room had projection art playing on a screen and art from several artists hung up around the walls. With couches on the sides there were few people sitting, but the bulk of the people were in the middle room circled around the skaters and their little park set up.

Skaters were taking turns on the rail and the hip with onlookers talking to eachother and watching the friendly competition. At around 10pm “Fullon Compadres” turned the lights down, stopped the skating and waited for the crowd to fall hush before debuting their monthly skate edit on a projector screen. The video was very well edited with data moshing and other effects, as well as incredible sound editing and manipulation, to compliment the skate tricks.

University of Denver student and skater, Emmett Batley, attended the skate event Friday saying, “It was sweet meeting some more skaters” adding, “the atmosphere was really chill.” Rhinoceropolis’ atmosphere and people allow the sort of connections necessary for the connection of Denver’s art scene as well as its growth.

The venue changes significantly according to the event they are hosting, though what remains constant throughout is the venue’s ability to provide a platform for artists who otherwise may not have one. And though these artists may not have a significant following, Rhinoceropolis has a following of its own which allows these artists to gain exposure and start forming one of their own.

Artists Dan Deacon, Future Islands, No Age, Matt & Kim, HEALTH and Iceage all performed at Rhinoceropolis before finding more of an audience and playing larger venues. Rhinoceropolis is the training ground for artists, allowing them to display their work, see other work, and learn. Providing an essential service for artists and the Denver arts scene Rhinoceropolis continues to be an important and fun venue.






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