Sigma Chi defeats Pi Kappa Phi to finish the regular season of intramural hockey


The Joy Burns Arena in the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports and Wellness (Photo by: Matt Holden, 2016)

On May 3, 2016, the Sigma Chi intramural hockey team defeated Pi Kappa Phi, 6-4, in a highly competitive and hard-fought game to wrap up the regular season.

Pi Kappa Phi finished the season with a good record of 2 wins and 2 losses. Sigma Chi finished their season off with 3 wins and only 1 loss. With the way that the intramural league is set-up, both teams have a spot in the playoffs and a shot at the ultimate prize, becoming intramural hockey champions.

The game started at a quick pace, with both teams’ fan sections notably loud and obnoxious throughout the entire game. At only about 2 minutes in, Pi Kappa Phi’s Trip Renard skated his way through two defenders and sniped the top left corner of Sigma Chi’s net to put his team up 1-0.

Sigma Chi responded quickly with a breakaway goal to tie the game at 1-1. An unknown player on Pi Kappa Phi skated down the ice about 7 minutes into the game and scored top right corner to go up 2-1. Sigma Chi quickly responded yet again to tie up the game, followed by yet another goal in the last minute of the first period to set the score at 3-2, Sigma Chi.

The second period was a lot slower than the first. Both teams were battling hard and no one could seem to get a shot on goal. Suddenly, an unknown player on Pi Kappa Phi skated down the ice with a breakaway and was able to juke the goalie left before sticking the puck into the top right corner of the net, making the score 3-3.

Sigma Chi quickly responded with a slap shot by Brayton Briggs from a considerable distance into the Pi Kappa Phi net, making the score 4-3.

The remainder of the second period was uneventful, with neither team scoring again until the third period. Once the third period was underway, Pi Kappa Phi came out with a noticeable intensity, and they were able to score on a breakaway very quickly to start off the final period of play, tying the score at 4-4.

At this point in the game tensions were high and players were getting noticeably more physical. An unknown player on Pi Kappa Phi sloppily went after the puck and accidentally slashed one of the Sigma Chi players. Sigma Chi was not happy about this and retaliated by knocking the Pi Kappa Phi player to the ground. This drew a noticeable amount of blood from the Pi Kappa Phi player’s face. This incident caused both teams to bunch up and begin pushing, and there were even a few punches thrown. When it was all said and done Sigma Chi had a player benched for the remainder of the game, and Pi Kappa Phi had two players in the penalty box for 2 minutes.

Pi Kappa Phi was down a man, and while their two-minute penalty ticked away, Sigma Chi was able to capitalize and score two quick goals in the last minutes of regulation to solidify their victory at 6-4.

A first year Pi Kappa Phi, Trip Renard, had this to say about his team entering the playoffs:

“We’ve improved a ton as a team since the beginning of the season, and we’re confident we can compete with anyone come playoffs.”

I was also able to catch up with Pi Kappa Phi’s fourth year team captain, Mitchell Silverman, had this to say about his team’s loss:

“We played a really good game, against a very physical team, and we were able to match their intensity as we continued exchanging goals. It came down to the 3rd period, when we received two poorly called penalties on our guys, leaving us down a man and they were able to capitalize on this momentum with two quick goals. Although we have a loss going into the playoffs and end the regular season with a 2-2 record, I feel confident about our chances next week. We have the numbers and we have the skill. We just have to play our game and we will do great.”


2 thoughts on “Sigma Chi defeats Pi Kappa Phi to finish the regular season of intramural hockey

  1. Really in depth news story Matt. A lot of my friends participate in intramural hockey so this story is quite interesting. I never realized how serious intramural sports can be and how entertaining they are. I enjoyed how you told the story with parts that added suspense and uncertainty about the outcome of the game. Overall great read!


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