The Running Man Event Held at DU

image1 (3)

Group members photo by Shihua Shangguan


This entertainment was held by DU CSSA on 2:00 P.M, May 5, 2016. The DU held on its long running tradition of sports when it hosted the popular “Running Man” competition. As it has become an annual tradition, the event attracted numerous teams and a host of spectators. By mid-morning, crowds had thronged the university sports grounds to witness the spectacle. This year’s event involved fourteen participants split into two groups. The game entails tearing off a member of the opposing team’s nametag. All the participants had their nametags pasted on their backs and the player who had his or her name tag torn off had to exit play.

The excitement grew as the DU team and its UC Denver opponent got to the field. The game began on a high note with every player eager to tear the opponent’s nametag while protecting his at all costs. As the enthusiastic crowds cheered them on, the players went for the jugular. Among the outstanding players in the game were Xuan, King, Lu, and Wei. They seemed to outsmart their opponents with ease while ensuring that their nametags remained intact. In the sixth minute, Xuan of DU was the first casualty as he had his name tag torn off. Xuan had made a tactical move to tear a UC Denver opponent’s tag but appeared to drop his tag. The opponent capitalized on his lack of concentration to get to his back and get his reward.

However, the DU team appeared unbowed by the loss of Xuan as they pressed on with enthusiasm. In the meantime, the excitement in the fans had reached fever pitch as either side rooted for its team. Three members of the UC Denver went out in quick succession after sustained pressure from the buoyant DU side. UC Denver’s loss appeared to rejuvenate the DU side as the team upped its game and went for the kill. Even though fatigue began to set in gradually, the players summoned all their energies to ensure they emerged winners.

At the half hour mark, Lu made a tactical error as he went for an opponent’s nametag. In his hurry, he dropped his guard and had his nametag ripped off. The UC Denver fans roared in anticipation as they expected their team to take advantage of the miscalculation and go to the final. However, Wei came to the rescue of the DU team when he managed to eliminate two opponents in quick succession. However, his heroics were short-lived as he was soon eliminated.

Towards the end of the game, King and Kevin from UC Denver remained. The two were the smartest on the pitch, and they demonstrated their rare skills with vigor. King nearly got Kevin’s tag, but the latter outsmarted him and finally nailed him. The crowd cheered with enthusiasm as Kevin emerged the winner. “It was an interesting but absorbing match. I knew I had prepared well and was physically fit but I did not expect to win. I thank my teammates for their support and for giving me an opportunity to win,” an excited Kevin said. On his side, King was philosophical in defeat. “In a game, there must be a winner and a loser. I believe I was a worthy loser today. I congratulate Kevin for winning the match but I am sure I gave him a hard time as well,” he said.


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