DU Job Search Strategy Workshop


Photo By: Lily Binder, Tyler Till taking questions at the end of the workshop.

DENVER—The University of Denver Careers Center held an informative job search strategy workshop on the 11 of May, at 2pm, taking place in room 145 of the Driscol Bridge. The workshop was lead by Tyler Till and was open to all DU students.

In the beginning of the workshop Till brought to light some of the most common mistakes new graduates make during their job search. Saying “one of the most common mistakes is that people think they could just apply online and get their dream job without having networked. With technology now a days we are more connected than ever and you need to take initiative and do what you can to make your application stand out. Just applying online and thinking you’re going to get the job, that is how you get lost in what I call the resume black hole… but with networking and reaching out to any possible contact, especially a DU alum can help you get the edge.”

According to the government’s National Center for Education Statistics: “During the 2013–14 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 943,000 associate’s degrees; 1.8 million bachelor’s degrees; 778,000 master’s degrees; and 177,000 doctor’s degrees”. Running with this recent statistics, that means roughly 3.8 million people will be entering the workforce each year after getting these respective degrees. With this much competition, taking part in workshops like this can really help students prepare for graduation.

The workshop was broken down into four sections. In the first Till discussed making a self-marketing plan, which comprised your resume, cover letter(s), LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch. Here he emphasized that networking is everything, and to use DUs services to aid you in finding your dream job or internship, and that networking helps you build a brand for yourself.

Next was making a list of your employment goals; for example, the location, job title, company, and ideal salary you wanted to have. This was followed by going over some networking strategies you can use to build a network. Professional associations, informative interviews, one on one outreach events, career fairs, meet up groups, and LinkedIn groups are some of the ways you can meet more people to aid your job search.

One of the best networking sources Till also mentioned was DU Alumni Fire. “It’s like a LinkedIn specifically for DU alumni and DU students, where students could get in touch with people who are in an industry or company a student or prospective employee could get contacts from that can aid them in working in that field or company”.

The final section of the workshop, job search results, was to make a list of the following in order to measure the effectiveness of your job search strategies: the length of your search, number of applications, number of phone interviews you have partaken in, in-person interviews, and the number of offers you have had so far.

Once the workshop concluded, the room full of about 10 students clapped in gratitude as Till emphasized that “these workshops take place once a week every week for the whole quarter, and to please tell your friends.”

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