Job Search Strategy Workshop at DU

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 10:00 A.M. At Driscol Bridge of University of Denver, the DU Career Center held a monthly activity – Job Search Strategy Workshop. It took place in room 145 of the Career Center office. The activity was open to all DU students about the effective job search strategies for students and recent graduates.

Tyler Till is the speaker for the workshop. The first topic he brought is “Get Networked”. Based on Tyler, lots of students’ first common impression is that they can get their first dream job by applying the job and sending the resumes out.

But most importantly, students will do better if they use multiple strategies and resources to make themselves “networked”. Therefore, making a game plan is the first key step: List the strategies and resources you want to use, and make a plan for how much time you’ll spend on your job search every week.

For the game plan section, Till recommend DU benefits that students should use from the DU career center: The DU career center hold annual job and internship fairs on campus to connect DU Pioneers to local and national employers offering internships and jobs; they have Pioneer Career network that have more than 1,800 professionals has volunteered specifically to mentor and advise DU students and alumni as they enter the workforce.

Another key point that Till made is making the self-marketing plan. By saying this, Till means students should be well prepared with their resume, cover letter(s), LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch. DU Career Center has all the services such as resume and cover letter rewire, job interview practice that will definitely benefit all the students who want to have a good start for their career.

The last section of the workshop, Till talked about the evaluation of the job results. Sometimes even if students don’t get your dream job right away, students should not be panic. Take a position that will help students develop transferable skills, work in a similar industry, or consider volunteer, temporary or part-time work that could help everyone get their foot in the door.

Once the workshop concluded, Till informed and encouraged students to keep coming to the following workshop and using Career Center to achieve and prepare their career after graduation.


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