The University of Denver and employment



Career advice for the 21st century.

By Ryan Wilkinson


Wensday, May 12, 2016, 2:00 P.M.  After entering the University of Denver (DU) Career Center I was guided to a small back room where a few other students were waiting for the presentation to begin.  However, after 15 minutes of waiting a faculty member finally told the audience that the venue had been moved to another location.  This was a disappointment because it meant that 80% of the people who attended the workshop completely missed the introduction.

When the audience was finally directed to the right room 20 minutes into the presentation they were met by a half finished workshop.

Once everyone was settled the presenter reintroduced the topic for those who had arrived late: job networking.  The first point to that was reinforced was the sheer number of job search resources available to students throughout their time here at DU.  Whether it be through online impersonal services or an individualized face to face meeting with a DU Career Center advisor.  DU wants its graduates to leave the university with a solid plan of what they want from their careers.

In order to facilitate this, DU places an online employer repository at the fingertips of every one of their students.  This resource is called Pioneer Career Network and it functions to bring DU alumni employers in contact with potential student employees.

After discussing how one can find a job, the Career Center presenter then went over what steps a student should take to contact an employer and set up interviews.

The first strategy for this is the “Lamp List” which contains all the companies a potential employee wants to contact.  This list is ordered based on the individual’s motivations for working at each company.  Once the list is set you then contact the companies one at a time starting with your first choice and you do not move to the next company until you have received a response.

This workshop said that the amount of time to wait for an answer should only be three to seven business days as you should not get bogged down in the search process and keep options open.

The next main point of this presentation was a self-marketing plan to help promote yourself to future employers.  This calls for the need to develop your own ‘brand’ which you can then sell to an employer.

By marketing yourself you show how you can help a company while building an individual connection with the employer.  This will make you stand out from the crowd.

The final step in the Career Center’s workshop the audience was told to; “get your materials in strong shape, develop your network before you need it”.






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