Career as a Web Designer

Web design involves a lot of skills, expertise and wide range of areas to successfully produce, run and maintain websites and applications. Web designers are often employed in various industries although they may also prefer to work as independent contractors. Continuous growth of Information Technology Industry has seen an upsurge in the web design career.

Furthermore, most people view it as a lucrative field. As a career, the salary of a web designer ranges from $39,000 to 100,000 per year. The salary scale usually varies with the level of experience the designer possesses and the type of website he is designing. On average, they earn about $50,000 per year which translates to almost 20-50 dollars an hour. In terms of education, web designer can easily enter the field through his own acquired design and programming knowledge. However, the level of competition continues to grow everyday hence they may be required to be in possession of a college degree to horn their skills. Website design companies prefer employing website designers who have attained a degree programs connected to Computer Science. Importantly, web designers are required to be proficient in programming and scripting languages, have a high level of creativity and have the capability to be creative all the time.

Students are about to join college and as a consequence, the last few weeks have been centered towards helping them make a career choice. In fact, I have received numerous emails from a number of them inquiring about their career paths. Web design being one of the careers they asked about. Therefore, I took it upon myself to undertake a comprehensive research on the career so that I can acquire the relevant information on this field. I conducted an interview on a successful web designer and studied available material on the prospects of the job.

DingYi is a web design and development company that is centered in Beijing which is often seen as one of the best web design companies in China. San Zhang has worked at DingYi as a web designer for over ten years. San got his first job by working as a freelance web designer after teaching himself web design skills while he was still a teenager. Later, he attended college to undertake a degree in computer science. Upon completion, he was employed as an intern at Going Clear where he was able to secure his first job due to his hard work, skill and ability to produce results. Consequently, he became the lead web designer at Going Clear although he left to join DingYi after 3 years. Most importantly, San has over 15 years of experience and he asserts that the secret to success of a prospective web designer is hard work, creativity and ability to learn. Clearly, these skills enable a web designer to be dynamic and survive the highly competitive market. Moreover, one should have programming knowledge and have a clear understanding of existing web design applications that are in existence.

In a typical week, a web designers work for 37 to 40 hours. However, this may vary depending on the amount of work they are partaking and the deadlines which have to be met. San further states that a typical day for a web designer involves waking up for work, checking mails, attend office meeting with fellow designers and developers and start working on existing or new available projects. In addition, web designer also solves any emerging issues during the day. San simply could not hold back the urge to talk about the most memorable project he has overseen while working at DingYi which involved designing a new website for other company. The project involved creation of a new website with the ability of moving large files and San is proud to have come up with the best solution for this successful project.

Furthermore, he states that the to find solutions to complex problems and think clearly is what entices him most about his job. He also adds that he is proud to find a platform that can enable him exercise skills he acquired both in class and out of class. San does not shy away from giving prospective web designers a piece of advice and his is that, “as technology continues to grow, competition for web design jobs also increases. Therefore, it is important for young anticipating designer to work extra hard to become among the best out there. In turn, they skill and knowledge will be key in pursuit of their dreams as web designers.”

Upon completion of college, you can take off your career by finding an internship opportunity in web design companies which exist all over the country. Although this is not mandatory, it is an easier way towards acquiring your first job. Entry level workers in this field can expect to earn about $35,000 per year while experienced workers can earn up to $100,000 per year on average. The future for web design career is extremely bright because employment of web developers is expected to rise by 27% by 2024.which is a rate much higher than the average of all other careers. In conclusion, those who have passion and creativity to survive in this field should not hesitate to commence their journey towards becoming successful web designers.


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