The future of sex technologies and gender remains, well, complicated


[Photo by Hayley Knoph]

For the last century, robots persist as a symbol of the future. Movies, in particular, capitalize on the prospect of man-made beings that assist humans in every aspect of life—even sex.

From the robotic prostitutes of Blade Runner and West World to the charming artificial intelligence of Ex Machina and Her, sex robots have been part of film since its beginning. Even the first feature length science fiction film, Metropolis, presents its female robot as a hypersexual being. In that 1927 German film, the “Maschinenmensch,” or “Machine-Human” in English, seduces the city’s men into a life of sin through her hypnotic and erotic dance. Continue reading


Optician Amy Munnell opens our eyes to the optical world


Optician Amy Munnell [Photo by Hayley Knoph]

Imagine not being able to see your world clearly. Everything in life shifts out of focus. Movement manifests as a distorted blur. Words on pages and screens appear obscure and unreadable. It is the passion of opticians like Amy Munnell to improve your quality of life through your eyes.

With a degree from the University of Northern Colorado, Munnell used to work as a restaurant manager. Overworked and miserable, she sought an office job and found one with Dr. Mark Maybury, O.D., an optometrist and the husband of a friend.

“I’d never even had my eyes checked,” Munnell remembered, softly laughing as she spoke.

Three months into the job, she completed the certification process for opticianry. For the last 17 years, she has worked as an optician at several offices and frame companies, and she has recently returned to work at Maybury’s office, Eclipse Vision Source in Aurora, Colorado. Continue reading

Jazz vocalist Kathy Kosins divulges her business model


Piano in the Lamont School of Music’s Room 229 [Photo by Hayley Knoph]

DENVER, Colo.-Musician and painter Kathy Kosins shared her model for success in the music industry with students from the Lamont School of Music on Monday. Emphasizing interdisciplinary talent, Kosins ascribed her achievements as results of hard work.

“You have to make your own opportunities,” said Kosins in her lecture.

Since her start in a Top 40 band at the age of 18, Kosins has been doing just that. From recording ad jingles to signing her first record deal with Schoolkids Records, the musician has always found opportunities to keep herself going in the industry.

“I’ve never let doors closing in my face stop me,” she said. “I just keep going like the Energizer bunny.” Continue reading

Music from Say Anything and mewithoutYou rocks LoDo


[Photo by Hayley Knoph]

DENVER, Colo. – Although it was the second-billed band playing at the Summit Music Hall on Tuesday, mewithoutYou stole the show. Headliner Say Anything brought the more passionate energy, but Philadelphia-based mewithoutYou certainly brought the more tenacious music.

With its unique timbre and experimental tone, mewithoutYou’s opening song, “Red Cow,” flooded through the entire audience. Heads bobbed and bodies swayed to the infectious rhythm like waves in a hypnotic ocean of harmony. Nearly every person in the crowd moved in unison with the music’s reverberation, even those who attended the show to see other bands. Continue reading

AMC rules against texting in its theaters

Theater Texting

Implementations Specialist Nick Allgeier checks his phone in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater, Monday, April 25, 2016. [Photo by Hayley Knoph]

With modern society’s obsession with new technology, the illumination of the smartphone screen is seemingly inescapable. The sacred untouched darkness of the movie theater was even at risk of being disturbed by the glow—that is until AMC chief executive Adam Aron backed down from his idea of allowing cell phone usage in the theater chain.

“When you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don’t ruin the movie, they hear please cut off your left arm above the elbow” Aron said in an interview with Variety on April 13. Continue reading