DU apathetic towards Israeli-Palestinian conflict


The Hillel Library at the University of Denver [photo by Helen Filanowski]

DENVER-College campuses have been in the spotlight as havens for social justice since the 1960s, when students began to protest the Vietnam War, Civil Rights and the Free Love movements. Today, the issues have changed but the forum that college campuses provide for young activists has remained.

Is every college campus as active as one might think, however? The Israeli-Palestinian issue is one of the most hotly debated of our time. The conflict is centered around the country of Israel and the Palestinian people, many of whom were forced to flee Israel as refugees after Israel fought for independence in 1948. Continue reading

Chris Hansen shares industry experience


Chef Chris Hansen at work [photo by Helen Filanowski]

DENVER- Chef Chris Hansen, 42, took a moment from his busy day to rest his feet and share food and restaurant industry expertise on Monday, May 16. Hansen grinned as he sat down dressed in a baseball cap, chef’s jacket and pants, and Crocs. A smile widened across Hansen’s face as he lowered himself into a chair.

Hansen is a food industry native. He got his start in a kitchen at 15, and has been hooked on cooking ever since. “I love it, it’s all I’ve ever known,” said Hansen. “It fills me with a sense of reward, when I get to see that I made someone happy.”  Continue reading

The new Cold War? Gregory Gause thinks so



Center for Middle East Studies at Korbel [photo by Helen Filanowski]

DENVER- Applause rained down as Gregory Gause, professor of International Affairs and head of the International Affairs Department at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University took the stage as the keynote speaker on Monday, May 2.

The Center for Middle East Studies at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver hosted an all day summit in conjunction with the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies at the University of South Florida.

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Nebula Ensemble performs at Lamont School of Music


Musicians onstage at Hamilton Hall in the Lamont School of Music [photo by Helen Filanowski]

DENVER- The Nebula Ensemble performed at the Lamont School of Music on Sunday night. The Ensemble featured 16 musicians, performing four acts titled Earth, Air, Wind and Water, drawing on the elements for inspiration.

A smattering of notes filled the auditorium as the lights dimmed and refocused on the three onstage musicians. Julia Emery, a cellist, Samuel Liddel, a bassist, and Kyle Hughes, a percussionist, performed their interpretation of Water through music. The sound was halting and disjointed, but the collection of notes worked to convey their message.

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Fake ID’s responsible for binge drinking



A popular campus bar [Courtesy of Merchant’s Mile High Saloon]

DENVER- False identification (fake IDs) are nothing new on college campuses. They allow underage teenagers to purchase alcohol, and in certain states, marijuana, and attend bars. Students say if you know where to go, you won’t get caught.

Certain events such as spring break and music festivals lead to mass arrests of students when police forces crack down. At Coachella music festival in California this past weekend, more than a hundred underage festival-goers were arrested, including high profile actors and actresses. Police forces at popular spring break destinations seize thousands of fake IDs during spring break.

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