Issues with Women in the Media


Tye Rabens watching season 1, episode 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.

The hyper sexualized female portrayals in films and television shows are notorious for pigeonholing gender groups as well as dehumanizing women. Celebrated screenwriter and producer Joss Whedon has been working to break down gender stereotypes to paint women in a stronger light. He is noted as “one of the most forward thinking show creators and writers currently wielding his craft today.” When asked the famous question: “Why do you write these strong female characters?” and brilliantly responded with, “because you’re still asking me that question” is a testament to how strong female characters not driven by trying to get the attention of a man needs to be more normalized.

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An Inside Look at Life as A Real Estate Broker With Deborah Syke


Deborah Syke, Broker Associate with Sotheby’s International Realty

Deborah Syke is a broker associate with Sotheby’s International Realty, and has been working in real estate for the past four years. May 10, at 10am, in Craig Hall after one of her conferences Syke took the time to sit down over a cup of coffee to share her experiences in the real estate industry as well as provide an outlook into Colorado’s realty climate in the upcoming years.

Whilst taking her first sip of coffee, Syke discussed her first career, which wasn’t in real estate: “My first career was in the medical field in the area of breast cancer detection, but I bought and sold real estate for myself and family and did a lot of remodeling, construction and design on the side. I finally realized how happy I was while I was designing or remodeling and figured I should make it a career and not just a hobby. So when the opportunity presented itself I took a leap of faith and dove right in!”

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DU Job Search Strategy Workshop


Photo By: Lily Binder, Tyler Till taking questions at the end of the workshop.

DENVER—The University of Denver Careers Center held an informative job search strategy workshop on the 11 of May, at 2pm, taking place in room 145 of the Driscol Bridge. The workshop was lead by Tyler Till and was open to all DU students.

In the beginning of the workshop Till brought to light some of the most common mistakes new graduates make during their job search. Saying “one of the most common mistakes is that people think they could just apply online and get their dream job without having networked. With technology now a days we are more connected than ever and you need to take initiative and do what you can to make your application stand out. Just applying online and thinking you’re going to get the job, that is how you get lost in what I call the resume black hole… but with networking and reaching out to any possible contact, especially a DU alum can help you get the edge.”

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An inside look at the DU improvisation comedy act that left all in stiches


Members of the improv team partaking in one of their interactive games that involves being stranded on a rowboat in the Atlantic Ocean. [Photo By: Lily Binder]

DENVER—The University of Denver Improvisation Comedy Club put on a hilarious show 9pm Wednesday night, May 4th, in the Lindsey Auditorium that left all attendees in hysterics. The show lasted about forty five minutes and was a made up of about four games where the audience was encouraged to get involved by picking out professions, locations, and a multitude of ridiculous situations for the improvisation group to build their acts upon.

The crowd, which was made up of about thirty-five University of Denver students all ranging from freshmen to seniors years were laughing throughout the entire show. Junior, Danny Brown is a weekly attendee to the shows saying: “They’re good every week so I know I’ll always be entertained, the timing always works out really well too since it starts at nine, ends before ten, and I can walk to the library and study in a much better mood… I’m also friends with most of the performers and I like to support my friends in everything they do”.

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