The gender wage gap’s potential effects on DU graduates


Woman working at Bruegger’s Bagels on University Ave.

The gender wage gap is an issue that the government aimed to wipe out nearly 53 years ago when the Equal Pay Act was implemented. The act hoped to eliminate the discrimination of employees based on sex but has in many cases failed to be enforced when brought into court. The deficiency of enforcing the act is due to the lack of transparency of wages in private sector jobs and the inability to define what constitutes as equal quality of work. The most recent movement in the work towards equal pay for women was in 2009 when President Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act.

At the University of Denver many women have entered college unaware of the potential wage gap they will face after graduation. Hava Gordon, Director of Gender and Women’s studies said “I don’t think students are very aware, I do a lecture on the subject to present them with statistics and I think many are surprised to see that the gap has not moved in so long, I think they’re surprised because they have grown up believing that there is not such a gap anymore and that we have progressed so far and more women are getting BA degrees than men, so the university education system does not reflect the work world.” Continue reading


Saralyn Howard on her inspirations as a yoga instructor

DENVER – The Corepower Yoga studio off of E Hampden Ave is filled with life and music that sets an inviting and blissful tone. Upon entering your nose becomes filled with appealing scents and greetings from everyone in the room. Instructor Saralyn Howard sits at the front desk, greeting everyone by their first name as they enter the studio.

On average yoga instructors in the U.S. make about $20,000 a year, this rate does vary depending on the location, studio, and level of experience the instructor has. For instructors in places like New York the yearly salary can be $62,400 a year. According to reports by CNN yoga may be a low paying field for many but it is growing rapidly as health and wellness are becoming higher lifestyle priorities throughout the U.S.

Howard; yogi, yoga instructor, and studio assistant at Corepower Yoga in Cherry Hills has been teaching the art of yoga for nearly a year and a half now. Howard fell in love with yoga when she began doing it as a form of training for tae kwon do and had continued with it out of the love of teaching others and the rewarding responses she gets from her students. Continue reading

Davide Papotti speaks on the geography of Italy


Dr. Papotti speaking in Lindsay Auditorium [Photo by Shea Geary]

Dr. Davide Papotti, speaker at the Univeristy of Denver, was introduced by Roberta Walsh an Italian teacher at the university. The lecture on May 10, 2016 at the Lindsay Auditorium began with a reception at 5:30 p.m. and Papottti started his lecture titled, The Geography of Italy: negotiating historical heritage and current political challenges at 6:45 p.m.

The reception was filled with Italian foods ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to cannoli. The cuisine perfectly accompanied the lecture topic and majority of audience members. The audience was made up of a majority of students, many a part of Italian courses at the university. About one-third of the audience was elderly Italian’s who looked to be the most enthusiastic in the room. Lindsay Auditorium was nearly full with only a few seats left empty in the back rows.


Reception before the lecture [photo by Shea Geary]

The lecture began with Papotti thanking the many people who made his visit to the University possible, including jokes about how some students may have to hear his lecture multiple times. The audience reacted with laughter to that and his many other ice-breaking jokes. In his early slides Papotti introduced his topic of the relationship between Italian culture and geography with a quote from Massimo D’Azeglio, “We have made Italy; now we must make Italians.” This quote was a great introduction to what he proceeded to cover in the lecture.

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Beta Theta Pi beats Sigma Chi in game of 4v4 volleyball


Sigma Chi plays Beta Theta Pi in intramural volleyball game [photo by Shea Geary]

At 7:15 p.m. on May 4, 2016 at the University of Denver Hamilton Gymnasium Beta Theta Pi fraternity played Sigma Chi fraternity in an intramural game of 4v4 volleyball. Beta swept Sigma Chi in the first game of two while Sigma Chi was down a player. Though Sigma Chi came back with four players in the second game they lost once again, resulting in the end of the match.

The early minutes of the first game were spent with second year student, Brayton Briggs on the sidelines due to his failure to pay the intramural game fee. Beta had an advantage for nearly the entire first game with an extra man on the court. First year student TJ Rempfer couldn’t arrive soon enough to fill in as the fourth player for the first game, scoring Sigmi Chi’s fifth point making the score 10-5.

Sigma Chi came back with Jack McCready scoring against Beta for their eighth and final point of the game but still lost 21-8 just minutes later. Continue reading

Beyoncé as the newest political icon



Two University of Denver students view Lemonade. [Photo by Shea Geary]

If you left your house this past weekend its likely you heard someone talking about Lemonade, and no I’m not talking about what you drank on the sizzling Friday afternoon. On Saturday, Apr. 23 Beyoncé released her most recent album, a video album titled Lemonade. The visual album took fans by storm with its intense lyrics and meaningful sound as well as mesmerizing film styles.

With the 2016 election coming up in November, political opinions are at a high and with the release of Lemonade Beyoncé has put herself on the forefront of multiple political issues, specifically the black lives matter movement and women’s rights. During Beyoncé’s last tour she took to empowering women through her song Girls Run the World and having only two men working on her tour. The newest video album covered topics ranging from infidelity to police brutality, bringing more of her views into the spotlight.

With all of these issues brought up by such a prominent pop culture icon it is important to ask how Beyoncé’s statements will affects smaller communities like that of University of Denver. Continue reading